Pre-Written Business Plans That Anyone Can Use
Pre-Written Business Plans That Anyone Can Use

Pre-Written Business Plans That Anyone Can Use

Since we opened online (in the last century!), Business Plan Database has grown into being a leading provider of business plans across the globe, with the clear objective of helping small businesses whether they are just starting, growing, or being re-launched; we want to assist them in becoming prosperous. We have now supplied over 100,000 business plans and we are convinced that your success is our business.

We appreciate what small businesses want and our business plans have been created to ensure that small business owners manage their organization effectively, and make a decent profit. We are committed to providing our knowledge, experience, and expertise to as many happy clients as possible.

Our longevity reveals how and why our business plans will work for you and your operation.

We have 46,719 business plans so why not start the search for your business plan below?

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Your Business Plan

”A business plan should act as the business owners handbook and bring together the individual parts of their organization”, says John Pearce, business coach of the year, “The plan should consider the businesses products, promotional campaigns and its finances. It can also be utilized to evaluate what the employees are doing and will be the foundation for the companies operational systems. Applied well it develops into a reference book for your business. It will work as an employee manual, a routine reference point and the document that you will consider everything in your organization against.

Business owners that establish a business plan can phone their financial institution at any time and say, this is our business plan, we need this funding and here is how the company will be utilizing it. An intelligent business owner can easily bring in employees to run their venture as everything wanted of them is laid out in a single place.”

Pearce, who has assisted in the production of over four thousand business plans in the last thirty years, is clear that the most prosperous businesses were planned to be that way.

”With all of the research data now readily available on the net and the obvious requirement for every business to cultivate an impressive and income generating website and ecommerce store, it would be utterly implausible that any business would not bother to write a business plan.

Twenty-four out of every twenty-five companies will eventually be unsuccessful, and 96% of all businesses do not have a business plan, but that means the ventures that will fail are that much simpler to detect!”

The important things that you need in a strong business plan are set out below.

Executive Summary

  • Briefly define why your business exists as clearly as possible.

  • Clarify your current circumstances and detail how you will get from where you are currently, to where you anticipate being.

  • Describe what the crucial success factors are and explain why you have chosen them.

  • Clarify your circumstances and how much borrowing will be needed for the business.

  • Describe the clear objectives that you have and an explanation as to why they have been chosen.

  • Construct a clear, bold vision statement for the business.

  • Catalog the milestones and timetable demonstrating how the business plan will be used.

Market Analysis

You must find pertinent market research to give you market size, industry direction and expected growth estimates. Avoid employing a lot of national and global data for a home or local business; except that you are opening a global or national business, you must have a local focus to any analysis.

  • Give a brief analysis about the complete current market.

  • Describe the anticipated changes for the market.

  • Define the businesses Unique Selling Proposition and the benefits that you aim to bring to your buyers.

  • Clearly describe your target market and go into detail about the attributes of your businesses ideal buyer.

  • Characterize the demands your buyers have and how you will meet them.

  • Create a list of your competitors and analyze their strengths; do not be negative about them, be fair.

Products and Services

You must:

  • Clearly break down your goods and services and how they are different from others being sold.

  • Decide how you must advertise your goods and services to boost buyer awareness.

  • Assess how your goods and services fit into the market; do you fix problems, offer benefits, deal in basic goods or do they simply enhance a businesses or a persons image.

Any advertisements, business literature, press releases and articles available, must be contained in the business plan. This is critical as it can help backers appreciate the goods and services that you offer and how they may be successful in the niche that you will be in.

Assertions like "we can offer reduced prices with first-rate customer service" are cliched and you must try to come up with the language that better describes the way your business will function. Anecdotes about you and your staff, with details of things you have accomplished, will demonstrate how you will make your business a success.

Marketing and Sales

  • The businesses marketing strategy must concentrate on assuring you use your finite assets in the best way.

  • The sales approach must be a bit more than cold calling on the phone or assuming buyers will simply come to you.

  • You must build up a compelling advertising campaign to communicate your sales message, create leads and build a clear brand.

  • Describe your promotional activities, and how they are designed to broaden your customer base and bring into being additional opportunities for your business.

  • Demonstrate how you will build a fascinating narrative to get free publicity to advertise your business.

Great Businesses are planned that way.

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